Wordai Review : Amazing AI Rewrite Tool in 2024

WordAi Summary

You’ll enjoy the human-quality AI that powers this article spin rewriter. It gives you a lot of options to choose from for each piece of text you rewrite. WordAi’s affordability and ease of use make it a tool worth considering.

+Easy to use
+Solid integration option
+Plagirism free
+Pass AI content detection

No lifetime price
Only for pc, not any mobile app

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Yasir Sheikh:

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Overall Rating :

WordAi is an amazing rewriter tool with SEO optimization.


Wordai Rewriter Tool

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Wordai automatically rewrites sentences, phrases, and paragraphs to create unique content that’s SEO-optimized. You can simply enter your content, click rewrite, and enjoy the new content. Is it really that simple? Let’s dig deeper into the details of this AI writing platform.

As a writer of content, you must understand the intricate interplay of words and how they interact with each other. For such a skill to be mastered, reading and practice are required. This concept could be turned on its head by using an AI writing assistant. Enter WordAI, an intelligent content rewriter who understands the interplay of words.

Wordai Price and Plans

Monthly Plan

You can try out the platform for three days without charge. You need to enter your credit card information to get a free trial. After the trial period, you will be charged $57 per month.

Yearly Plan

If you choose to pay for an entire year. The first plan is $27 per month which is billed Annually. This plan gives you access to almost all the bells and whistles the platform has to offer. 

Custom Plan

If you are running an agency, you can buy a custom plan. They offer you a high volume of usage and multiple user accounts. The price will be according to your requirement.

The platform focuses on content that won’t be misconstrued as AI-generated by offering multiple rewrites that offer “human-quality” content. The standard is one-click rewriting. It has API access and multiple mass rewriting. It is worth paying for if you want to create lots of content quickly.

It’s a pity that “higher quality” content can only be accessed through the Enterprise plan. This will cost you more money. The Enterprise plan is a good option if you want to let multiple users test out the service and need more throughput. You will have a dedicated account representative to guide your team and handle all administrative issues.




  • Pass AI detection
  • AI-powered rewriter
  • Human quality content
  • One-click rewriting
  • Rewrites pass Copyscape
  • Sentence and phrase-level rewriting
  • Bulk article rewriting
  • API Access

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/Month (billed annually)

  • Pass AI detection
  • AI-powered rewriter
  • Human quality content
  • One-click rewriting
  • Rewrites pass Copyscape
  • Sentence and phrase-level rewriting
  • Bulk article rewriting
  • API Access

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  • All standard features plus:
  • High volume usage
  • Increased throughput
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Customized rewrites
  • Heightened quality
  • Account manager

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Wordai Features

WordAI began as an article rewriting tool. Over time, the platform evolved into one for creating content. Its integration with ArticleForge – an AI content creation platform – helped it evolve into a robust platform. You can import content from ArticleForge, and WordAI will “spin” it to create unique articles or paragraphs.

It is Perfect Tense integration and helps you if you want to edit your content in bulk. This article spinner can detect spelling errors and incorrect tenses and suggest corrections.

It spins the title as well. It offers high-quality titles based on the content entered, ensuring titles are relevant. The new version has HTML support. This means you can spin HTML directly in the editor. You can add styling, spin images, videos and more. For more info click here.

Interface in use

The AI web platform is easy to navigate and has a simple user interface. The left-hand side has all the important functions and the large area on the right allows you to enter content and display content according to the option that you selected.

Copying your content and clicking the rewrite button is all it takes to get rewrite suggestions. You can choose from three different “spinning” modes: conservative, regular or adventurous. You can try one of them.

The menu on the left panel contains buttons for bulk rewriting and plagiarism detection.


The help centre can be accessed directly from the dashboard panel. Its interface is a very simple and easy-to-use platform. It is unlikely that you will need to use it. The help centre section contains articles that explain the features, affiliates and billing.

You can raise a ticket by email if you have a problem. Support via email usually offers assistance within 24 hours of the ticket being raised.

WordAi Security

WordAi uses a variety of security features to protect user privacy and maintain the integrity of its software. They include:

Data encryption

WordAi utilizes encryption technologies to ensure that user data is protected, and sensitive information securely stored.

Secure Authentication

To verify users’ identities and to prevent unauthorized access, the platform employs protocols of secure authentication, including username and password combinations.

Detailed Privacy Policy

WordAi offers a detailed privacy policy, which outlines the way user data are collected, processed, and saved. This policy is very important to understand and review for all users.


WordAi protects user privacy by complying with relevant regulations like the General Data Protection Regulations.


WordAi’s software is regularly updated and maintained to ensure that it addresses. It maintains an atmosphere of safety for its entire user base.

WordAi’s security is taken seriously.


We’ve done a quick test of the rewriting abilities of the platform. We are surprised to see that it creates a human-written article without plagiarism.


Quillbot has a similar interface to WordAI and offers the same article-spinning features. It offers seven different modes of work. It comes with a summary, a grammar-checker, a generator of citations, and a co-writer. The tools are priced reasonably and could be an alternative to WordAI.

SpinRewriter is a premium option with a similar price structure to WordAI. It posts articles, images and videos directly to the blog, which has high accuracy.

Final verdict

WordAI is a simple and intuitive tool that allows you to rewrite content. It is a well-priced and excellent tool for content writers, bloggers, SEO experts, and small business owners. It offers accurate content, which is its biggest selling point.

You’ll enjoy the highly readable articles produced by this tool. It gives you plenty of choices for each new piece of material. WordAi has many advantages, including its affordability, ease of use, and the ability to offer a free trial. If you’re looking to make a website that features original spun articles as well, you may want to give it a try.


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