Samsung S22 Review: Excellent performer,120Hz refresh rate, Good battery life

samsung s22

Samsung S22 prices

The Galaxy S22 Standard is the most affordable entry in the range, despite being the lowest-spec and largest of the series. Both Apple and Google are fierce competitors in this market. It’s not surprising that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 launched in Australia for the same price as its predecessor Galaxy S21 (which was $1,249).

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is expensive for many consumers. This flagship Android smartphone is quite affordable. The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes in two sizes, 128GB and 256GB. The larger model will run you $100 more. It effectively doubles storage capacity so it is easy to recommend.

Optus Telstra Vodafone Woolworths Mobile is selling the Galaxy S22 on a postpaid contract. You’ll pay only $3 to $4 per month for handset repayments.

Design & display

Samsung screens are a popular topic. Samsung screens are a common topic. The AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy S22 is 6.1 inches. This is a very easy thing to accept as a fact.

Scroll through Twitter and edit images or videos in Google Photos. You can also play games such as League of Legends Wild Rift. The Galaxy S22 screen is beautiful. The Galaxy S22’s 120Hz refresh speed allows for smooth scrolling.

It is not something everyone cares about, such as the shrinking screen-to-body ratios and smaller bezels on flagships like the Galaxy S22. I was surprised at how much it delighted me.

However, it is not the best Samsung display. If you are a spec-hound, this knowledge can drain you. It’s quite nice. The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen isn’t quite as sharp.

It is not uncommon for the Galaxy S22 to have a difference in the quality of photos between the top and bottom ends of the line-up. However, Samsung should allow more screen benefits to the standard model.

While there are design differences between the Galaxy S21 Ultra and last year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, they make some more dramatic changes than this year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra.

This device would be able to be placed alongside the Galaxy S21 last year and I’d likely mix them both. The Galaxy S22’s screen may be smaller than the S21’s, but the S21’s back is made of glass. These small changes feel more like tweaks to an already existing formula.

Samsung has not attempted to fix any problems. Samsung’s successor to the smartphone throne will not make you trade your Galaxy S21.


The Galaxy S22 is a side-grade in smartphone photography hardware.

The story is almost identical for the S22 and S22+. Each device comes with a triple-lens rear camera that combines 50-megapixel primary and ultra-wide lenses.

This setup is different from the triple-lens setup that was used last year on the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+. These devices were equipped with 12-megapixel primary, 64-megapixel, and 12-megapixel telephoto lenses.

Samsung claims the Galaxy S22 will deliver dramatic improvements in videography and low-light performance.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has the most powerful features, but the Galaxy S22 is very easy to use right now.

Three lenses were used by the Galaxy S22 to produce bright daylight photos that are detailed and bright.

Samsung is announcing AI-based algorithms that will be used in the camera this year. The Galaxy S22’s neural processor uses machine-learning technology to improve images. This is done by understanding how something should look.

The Galaxy S22’s camera is significantly better than other Samsung smartphones in low-light and portrait photography.

However, Night Mode does not produce the same consistency and crispness as the Apple iPhone and Google Pixel cameras. Although the gap between Samsung and Apple is shrinking, it’s still there.

If you are a big fan of smartphone photography, you can push the Galaxy S22 to its limits. This is something I cannot do with powerful devices such as the Pixel 6 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro.

If you’re able and willing to work within these parameters, the Galaxy S22 can be used. Although you might be jealous of the iPhone photos of your friends, you won’t notice it because the Galaxy S22’s sharp results will outshine them all.

Features and performance

Samsung Galaxy S22 features have become as well-known and well-respected as you might expect.

You might not be able to notice the differences if you blink. Samsung’s new model includes all the standard flagship features such as IP68 water resistance and Gorilla Glass Victus Protection, Qi Wireless Charging, an integrated fingerprint scanner, 5G connectivity and a 25W fast charge.

These features aren’t new, but they are amazing. Every one of these premium perks can be found in the Galaxy S21 since last year. There’s nothing new, even with the small design changes and more meaningful photo upgrades.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes with 8GB RAM and up 256GB of onboard storage. The Samsung Galaxy S22 doesn’t have a Micro SD slot or a headphone socket. This device will be available in Australia with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor by Samsung.

The upgrade was noticeable in practice. I noticed a marked improvement in my speed. This was in contrast with the Snapdragon 888 performance found inside my Galaxy Z Flip3. But I doubt most consumers will notice the difference.

The Galaxy S22 is fast enough for daily use and was as fast as one would expect from a device at this cost. Apps were opened almost instantly (though the camera sometimes took a while to fully boot up). Games like League of Legends and Rocket League ran at the same frame rate.

Genshin Impact, the current torchbearer in mobile gaming, did poorly on Galaxy S22.

Even though I had selected medium graphic settings, frame rates kept dropping and the device was producing excessive heat. Although this was an uncommon occurrence, it was still disappointing that Samsung’s new silicon couldn’t deliver the smooth gaming experience I have come to expect from Genshin Impression on an iPhone or iPad.

Battery Life

Although the Galaxy S22 did not meet my expectations for how fast an Android flagship smartphone could feel, they were satisfied for the most part. The battery life is about the same.

The Galaxy S21’s battery was 4000mAh, but the Galaxy S22 only has 3700mAh. When I used the Galaxy S22 every day, I never felt that I was running low on battery life.

The Galaxy S22’s rundown performance was particularly surprising. It took less than fifteen hours to stream continuous YouTube videos over Wi-Fi.

My phone was used more often, so I could get 4 to 5 hours of screen time per day. This isn’t a lot, and I must admit that my smartphone use has decreased since I work from home. The S22’s battery is sufficient for my daily use.

There are however some caveats. I found the Galaxy S22’s dynamic rate setting to be a great way of reducing my screen time by approximately 25%.

My sample Galaxy S22 was also made in the USA. It was therefore not compatible with Australia’s 5G networks. This may have inadvertently increased the battery life. Android phones have had connectivity problems in the past when 5G connectivity was available or enabled. This review will be updated once I have a chance to play with the local unit.


It all depends on how much you want to live. The Galaxy S22 is more surprising than the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Samsung’s premium-sized smartphone is bigger than other Android flagships like the Google Pixel 6. It is designed to be used as a foundation.

People who aren’t as concerned about brand or iOS may find it difficult to choose the Galaxy S22 over iPhone 13. If you love all things Samsung, the Note-Esque Galaxy S22 Ultra is a better choice. Galaxy S22 is safer for everyone else.

It’s fine to buy a secure smartphone. Samsung’s new phone lacks personality and unique features. It is difficult to justify the price.

The Galaxy S22 is a great smartphone but you won’t get much for your money.

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