Samsung Galaxy S21 FE : Excellent performance, Good Cameras

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition)
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition)

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

This is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition). Although it is now2022 and about a month before the new Galaxy S22, we have a new S21, huh.

So I’ve had my hands on this phone for a few days since last year. But actually, I feel like this is a very safe bet on the phone. It’s too soft and doesn’t make mistakes, maybe even a little boring, but this is something most people will love.

So this is the second fan program we have seen, so we read the formula of how Samsung likes to do this. It is kind of the same way Apple does SE, and many other phone manufacturers do this. But a large number of parts one-year-old that is put back together again on a cheap phone.

And a sizeable repetitive part of that formula is value. So they introduced this phone to$ 699.Now, the S20 Fan Edition is secure. My Caller of the Year Award back in 2020 won the trophy and everything. To present at that price and highlight, but now, well, the landscape has changed dramatically since then.

There is a lot of competition at the middle-class price. So this phone is not an outstanding achievement as it was last year. I think you will see what I mean.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Features:

So inside, they are high-quality things. Not over-the-top bleeding edge but at a very high level.
Snapdragon 888 and 6 or 8 gigs of RAM, 4500 milliamp-hour battery. Three cameras, and previously included 6.4-inch 1080p display, 120 hertz AMOLED, and this is a beautiful screen.

One apartment, I love that. It has a thin body, even bezels and a thick chin. A fingerprint reader here down below the display, and a photo camera cut that you shot at the top-centre with a 32-megapixel photo camera.
I think this is a win for Samsung’s display company. They are still very good at screens that this is among the best, the brightest you will find it on phones in this class.

It has a touch rate of 240-hertz. It is very responsive. I mean, yes, this screen is a flagship for sure. And the design is very safe. It looks like a standard S21, but this is a new dark grey look with the camera module and pushed up in the corner and bending over the side of the phone.

It has water-resistance of IP68, 15-watt wireless charging, and wireless charging back, all the best of the flagship. But from now on, you can see the kick-off of the Fans Edition formula here. They start cutting a few corners then lowering a few items to save that price.

Detailed Analysis:

So the real question will be, do you care about that kind of minor tweaks? So with design, and you may have already noticed this. Plastic back, and again, they did not fully commit to matte black. Therefore, this dark gay that unfortunately takes extra fingerprints than I would like. There are these metals everywhere.

Which lasts a long time, and it is unlikely that you will crack it down if you drop it. Describes these small shortcuts on both sides because your antenna passes through a millimetre wave.

Now, the standard S21 was also plastic with metal rails. But Fan Edition takes you back a little bit when the camera is disconnected. In fact, it is no longer part of the train. So there is a seam in between.

So you can see here in the standard S21, the metal train covers the camera shaft. Here at the new fan show, that is back-plastic back. So I still love the camera bump design.

This is probably its smallest version. If you put the phone to charge, you may not see any of these things, but that is the real difference.

And then the little things, as is the case with this phone. Although it has a bigger battery than the S21, great light, and I think it was, you know. I first got you out of the box, and it sounds like one of those fake calls, where it is large but not very heavy.

But yeah, that’s probably because I come from phones with extra metal and glass. Also, the fingerprints reader under the display is close to the exact location as the standard S21. It’s too low on the screen here, but an optical fingerprint reader instead of ultrasonic throughout the S21 line.

So you can see the light on your finger before opening it. Now, again, this is small, and this one still seems very fast. I registered both my thumbs. Fast, there is a Pixel 6 fingerprint reader. But it may not work with some moisture in my hand . Some wear out on the screen and ultrasonic on Samsung’s most expensive phones.

There is one speaker below, which is part of the stereo system with an earphone. But it is very easy to block this, and you will notice when it is blocked or the earpiece still emits sound. And haptics is a small step down from other flags, S21s, Pixels, even the world’s OnePlus 9 Pros. It is not solid and accurate.

Then there are solid three cameras back here. Get a 12-megapixel core, 12-megapixel ultrawide, and 8-megapixel 3x telephoto. You have OIS on that primary camera.

Displays sharp images with shallow text. Beautiful and reliable photos in good light, as you might expect. Occasionally there is noise or dimming in low light, but seriously it is not bad.

I can easily give this a B + camera, hanging with lots of symbols but not hitting at all. And then, perhaps most importantly, the fact that this S21 series will expire or become obsolete second comes the S22 series ,exactly the corner, and often lower the prices of the S21 series when the S22 series comes out.

And, on a note of resilience, there was no charger in the box. That’s a small box too, that just pops up with the phone, the cord, and certain papers. So I think that’s an extra flagship experience if you want to look at it that way, but certainly nothing better.
So the real question is about the fan system, too.

Does any of these minor defects remove from the advanced information you get? Do they matter to you? Like a little extra plastic on the back makes a big difference? Not really. Have an optical fingerprint reader before ultrasonic does mean something to most people? No.

It features an 8-megapixel telephoto camera on the back compared to the previous. 64 megapixels with a much larger zoom than it does matter? 9 out of 10 people will probably not see it.


And of course, all of this will be good for me on this phone if the S21 had not stayed just $699 . Most of the past few months and is currently renewed to $599 on Amazon. So that’s part of the madness of the existence of this phone now in 2022.

It’s like the S21 Fan Edition he set fire to the market by giving us all these great things for $ 300 less than expected. Still, now in this new world, you have to fit somewhere between Pixel 6. Which is a pretty good number at $599 with a camera and software that undoubtedly better information. Then high-end phones, some of which are in the Samsung system itself.

So the fact that this S21 FE is very similar to the S21 but introduced very close to S22 is twisting and missing, in my opinion.

As I think this phone would have killed it that $549 or even $599 or something like that, but it did not happen. This is the price of the presentation and the time, just kind of a combination and the whole market.

This has happened to Samsung before. Note20, which you may remember, he won the Bust of the Year trophy . Because it was just a phone that was there, it was right. But it just hit the price where it was supposed to stay in the market, and it wasn’t a bad phone at all.


This is not a bad phone at all, and I think that many people who buy it are blind will like it. But if you take away your blindness, there is a lot around this place at this price which is a very interesting decision.

Excellent performance, standard software, really good cameras, battery upgrades, and, of course, Samsung’s amazing display. This is a good phone. But, you know, people will buy different things at this price.

They may want to take risks on Pixel or OnePlus 9 or, I do not know, the iPhone SE of that issue. A lot is going on in this region, and the ball is on your court.